About me

Hey gals and guys,

My name is Elizabeth.
I’m an Aussie girl in my mid-20s, and I started this blog because I have a lot of thoughts in my head and a love of writing but also very little self-discipline in this area. A LOT of thoughts, though. And I really want to share them.

I have a fairly typical list of things that I like so I’ll spare you. It’s all over my blog. Clue: most of it is edible. I also like books, but not eating them.

"You like fiction books? I've never met anyone else who likes fiction books! That is too funny!"
“You like fiction books? I’ve never met anyone else who likes fiction books! That is too funny!”

Life has been difficult, heartbreaking, blessed and wonderful. I’ve experienced a lot of change and a lot of growth, even though it doesn’t necessarily feel like I’ve grown some days. Anorexia, exercise addiction, depression and anxiety are a few of the things that I have lived through, and I have known many other beautiful people who’ve had similar issues.
So I guess it’s on my heart to connect with others, to encourage when I can, and to learn from them. From you.

I live in Sydney, Australia, with some beautiful roomies/best friends, right by the glorious beach. One is pictured below.

In the middle of ripping open bags of chips and blowing up balloons
Kelsea- my fabulous All-American gal


I miss my family back in my hometown- Mum, Dad, two brothers, and my little dog, Hugo,

2015-10-27 22.51.11
One of my brothers, my one and only dog

I’m dating a lovely man called Lija. He’s a synth-wizard, a.k.a. a musician, a.k.a. very talented and an all-round awesome human being.



I’m currently training as a certified Pilates instructor and LOVING IT.

Nat, myself and Kate
With the 2 fantastic ladies that I study/train with

I’m on a journey of healing- but for some reason, I kind of thought everything would fall together when the worst of it was over. But life is funny, isn’t it? Things can be confusing. And overwhelming. I’m getting there, though. At my own pace. And learning to trust and grow through things is, I realise, far better than being instantly healed.

My housemate took this. A short walk from our apartment- We're lucky gals!
My housemate took this. A short walk from our apartment- We’re lucky gals!

I am a believer in Jesus, and the more I realise how powerless I am to change, the more I realise that I need Him. When I am weak, He is strong. When I have nothing left, He is everything I need. It’s a humbling thought, and He patiently takes care of me and shows me unconditional love and mercy. And I am so thankful. I have hope and I am free.

In my neighbourhood for a little photo shoot, with a trademark lack of normal behaviour.

I’d really love to hear from you, whoever you are. I’m sure there are things I can learn from you.

Thank you for taking the time to visit! I hope, if anything, that you are encouraged.

Lots of love,



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