New Season; Sadly, the Same Hairdo

Hey, beauties! It’s been an absolute WHIRLWIND of a year so far, but so wonderful. I’ve barely spat out a single post in the midst of it all, but I’m hoping to get back on the posts now that I’m a teeny bit more settled.

REALLY SORRY about the awful quality of the photos… next post I’ll fix the graininess, promise. x

What has changed for me since January of this year?

  1. I’ve started working professionally as a Pilates instructor (mat, reformer, allll the fun things!) and I do that a couple of times per week. I’m learning so much and it feels great to be helping others in such a practical way. Physical wellness is a topic I hope to write about more in future.
    The studio I’m at is far away (2hrs there, 2 back) so I’m getting  a whole lotta train time to listen to podcasts and chill. Hey, any podcast recommendations??
  2. I’m also working at a cute sandwich cafe a 10-15 walk from my apartment. I make coffees, wait on tables, make sammies, the whole lot. Oh, and the lunches I get to eat…. so nourishing! It’s hard work but can be a lot of fun. The gals there are super sweet.
  3. Moved from one side of Sydney to the other and applied for and rented my own apartment (with a gal pal) for the very first time in my 24 years of life. It’s pretty, it has green ferns peeking through all the windows, is 10 mins from the beach, exposed wooden floors in our bedrooms and a new kitchen and bathroom. I feel so happy here. Uh… we like, still need a fridge though.

    This lil fella dropped by to say hello! I whistled at him and he came right up, cocking his head to listen closer
  4. We’ve joined a new church, and we love it. Lija gets to be on the worship team (vocals and keys) while I get to serve in hospitality, which is where I love to be! The people are so great and we’ve already made beautiful friends.

All in all, I feel like I’m moving forwards. Working 2 jobs is no joke, but I’m beyond grateful that everything has slotted into place.

Easter weekend was full of lots of friends and good eats. Lija miraculously asked to be fed vegetables (!?!?) the whole time he was over, which was a welcome peculiarity, as normally he’s all about the burgers and RED MEATTTT (which I love, but not for every meal ever for 4 days). Buddha bowl-y plates it was!

And of course, the obligatory Jake’s burger with a side of potato gems covered in cheese, chilli sauce and bacon…

We enjoyed lots of Easter hangs with good people,

Finally we and other friends chilled out, watched movies, played pool/drank beer at the pub, had picnic lunches and dinner parties went for walks, and obsessively watched cute dogs and coveted their owners, danced, and most importantly celebrated and acknowledged what Jesus did on the Cross.

I’m pretty tired. I freaked out at how much I had to be around people this weekend. I complained and I got a little teary. Lija was a bit of a hero in calming me down.
But upon reflection, I’m crazy grateful- we have so many friends in our neighbourhood it makes it easy to be social. Honestly, I’ve always tended to react to life’s difficulties by isolating myself, but I’m slowly learning it’s better to balance alone time out by surrounding myself with good quality people. It’s safer and healthier, even if it feels counterintuitive at the time. And I feel so, so blessed to finally be in what feels like the beginnings of a community of friends. I’ve just gotta keep on showing my face, even if it’s not always my best one.

God has been so good, and I’m looking back at the mountain that I climbed to get to this point stunned at His provision for all of my needs and more. I realise I certainly didn’t climb this mountain alone, nor did I engineer the path. I learned to lean into the help and encouragement of others when I was far too weak to  stand on my own, and to simply put one foot in front of the other. To trust and hope in Him even when (especially when!) things look bleak. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel, and by the grace of God I’ll keep on walking.

Hope you all had a beautiful Easter weekend,

Liz xoxox