Top 3 Friday #19: Vegemite Toast

Hello once again fabulous people,

As soon as I saw the beautiful Kate’s Top 3 Friday link up back when it started, I was all, “Aaah I totally have to do the next one!!”, and so I went right ahead and did what I do impressively well: procrastinated for the next 17 link ups. So here, finally, to my great anticipation (because let’s be real, the person having the most fun is me in this particular post) here is my first attempted Top 3 Friday! Thank you Kate, for the opportunity to join in!

Top 3 Eats: 

  1. Un-fancy toast, because it’s a life-saver when you’re sick! Vegemite toast being my #1 lover. Americans and other people not from Australia, I don’t expect you to understand.
    Also, how magical are toasters? From frozen bread to hot meal in like, 4 minutes. The wonders of technology know no bounds.
    Take note; this is crucial [source]
    Take note; this is crucial. The website that provided this photo is a great read if you’re curious about vegemite (WHO ISN’T!?) [source]
  2. The lamb shakshuka from my Canberra post. Oh my gosh, heaven in every bite. The egg yolks burst softly when you dipped the soft chewy flatbread into them; the tomato sauce had nuggets of goats cheese throughout and was rich with herbs. At the bottom was beautiful lamb’s mince. Oh man, so so gooood!

    Perfect for the freezing cold weather there...
    Perfect for the freezing cold weather there…
  3. Tilley’s bread and butter pudding. You know you have a specific food from a specific restaurant and you wouldn’t get it anywhere else but when you’re there, you have to get it?
    Behold. Soft, spongey layers of brioche soaked and baked in a sweet creamy batter, layered with fresh blueberries and slivers of apple and almond. When I was in recovery at first, for some reason, I would eat this cake every week- not because it was safe, not because it was high or low in anything- simply because I found it delicious and comforting. It was a small miracle, and I will love and stuff it in my face forever. But only from Tilley’s. 

    Tastes more impressive than it looks.
    Tastes more impressive than it looks.

Top 3 Lows: 

  1. Having gastro. This has 2 subsections that would qualify as lows quite independently:
    a) Vomiting
    b) Diarrhoea (I committed the spelling of this word to memory in the 5th grade and I never knew why… now all the pieces are coming together.)
    I lost my appetite completely. By the second day, I’ll be honest, I still felt awful. But… I was just sick and tired of not eating so I pushed through like a legend and ate food anyway. Still not sure if it was wise but I kept it all down. YAY ME!
  2. Feeling super flat. I know, I know, I had gastro; but this has been going on for a while now. I’m starting to think it’s my mood stabilizer medication? I’m so unmotivated and things feel all bleak and way-too-big for me right now. I can’t seem to enjoy beautiful things like I could.
  3. Leaving my keys in Canberra. This included my house and car keys! I realised in a lightning bolt that I didn’t remember packing them and sat on the bus desperately scrabbling around in the crevices of my handbag, red-faced, hoping to feel that jingly metal between my fingers. No jingly metal. Deep breaths. But thank GOD- my angel of a mother express-posted them to me so I got them 2 days later. Always being reminded of what a blessing and a friend she is to me.

Top 3 Highs:

  1. Going out to dinner with my family for my birthday. We went to a burger place called Grease Monkey. It used to be a car repairs yard in the middle of the city, but they converted it and now all the burgers are named after services for your car. Nif-tayyy. The burgers are fabulous, the place is really easy on the eye, and guys, it was just SO LOVELY to be with my mum, dad, and brother. So lovely.
    I didn't take any pictures of my family that night (rather upset about that... but I think it means I was enjoying myself too much??) So here's an internet photo of the place. [source]
    I didn’t take any pictures of my family that night (rather upset about that… but I think it means I was enjoying myself too much??) So here’s an internet photo of the place. [source]

    I won’t bother you with an internet photo of the burger; just imagine a nice burger and that’s pretty much what it was.
  2. Going for a bike ride with my brother on the last day in Canberra. I’d forgotten how much fun it was to ride down hills in winter- the air is crisp and perfect and if you stick your legs out to the sides it feels amazing. He makes me laugh, too. And going for walks with Hugo. Again, I wish I’d taken pictures of the neighbourhood, it was just stunning. Especially in the morning fog.

    My lil’ dawg.
  3. So technically, this was the week before, but I have to share this one. My boyfriend Lija and the band he’s in, Octavian, went on stage and performed a gig at a pub in Sydney. It was so fun to hang out and listen to the other bands that were playing! And truly, Octavian killed it. The crowd yelled when they finished to play one more song, and the show finally wrapped up at 12pm. Worth every bit of lost sleep.

    Octavian- just a few weeks until they get flown over to compete in Germany!! It's all a bit exciting right now.
    Octavian- just a few weeks until they get flown over to compete in Germany!! It’s all a bit exciting right now.

Top 3 Screenshots:

Ohh this is the one I’ve been looking forward tooooo! Here goes:



  2. How I feel most days
    How I feel most days
    How I feel most days


  3. I love being reminded…

Top 3 Reads: 

  1. My super thoughtful friend Jamie shared this link with me that I have to share with you guys. Relationships are what make life rich, not what we own or what our job is or how we look or anything else.
    “Our Lives Are Measured In Love, Not Numbers” 
  2. A nice, succinct list of little pieces of advice for those in their early 20s. The kind of little pieces that you can read quickly, or chew on each one a little bit and get really honest and introspective. My favourite is probably #6.
    “25 Ways To Accidentally Ruin Your Life By 25”
  3. Ok, so you know how Melania Trump is rumoured to have plagiarised Michelle Obama’s First Lady speech from back in 2008? Apparently these guys have put this rumour to rest with their FAMOUSLY HILARIOUS (and oddly convincing) lip syncing. This had me in stitches.
    “Bad Lip Reading Spoofed the Melania/Michelle Speech”

And there you have it. Procrastination crushed. I hope you guys had a good read, too! 🙂

Lots of love, 

Liz xo

I’d love to hear from anyone who enjoyed this!

Have you tried vegemite? What did you think? 

Do you have a food that you’ll eat almost every time you go to a particular place, but nowhere else? 


  1. Now I’m very curious to try Vegemite. Thanks for sharing the link–I’ve seen it a few times in international stores like world market, and for some reason I always imagined it would be bitter and salty. But I guess I’ll have to try!
    Happy birthday–glad you got to spend it with your family.

  2. First off – Happy (belated) Birthday!! I think I forgot to mention it in your last post. I’m so happy you got out for a lovely meal with family, at a place that sounds SO cool. Time with family really is the ultimate gift.
    I’m sorry to hear about both your gastro upsets and your flat mood. Both really suck. Really really suck. Is there anything that bursts you out of that flatness, even if for a short time? I’d say schedule whatever that would be into every day.
    I think I tried vegemite when I had an exchange student friend from Australia in High School…. I haven’t touched it since…

    1. Thank you, Cora! It’s so true. I’m always reminded of how much love I have- unconditionally- from family; something which I don’t want to take for granted.
      I think just being with people. When I’m sad/flat all I want to do is isolate, and I forget how much human connection uplifts me. But it’s also something that I find overwhelming at times!
      I’m not surprised 😉 my international housemates won’t touch it with a 10-foot pole. Haha xx

  3. Yay! I’m so glad you joined in!
    First off, I really hope to get to try vegemite one day. I’m so intrigued by it!
    Great idea to celebrate your birthday. I’m really into burgers these days! I hope you had a great birthday. There’s this one place I love to get fried squash, but don’t really order it anywhere else. It’s just so good there!
    I’m sorry to hear about your “flat feeling”. I totally get this and sometimes fear it is worse than being overly emotional. I pray you feel a little more lively over the next few days.

    1. Thanks for organising the wonderful link-up!
      You totally should 😉
      Burgers are my go-to eating out food, they tick all of my boxes (especially when they come with fries!)
      Yeah, it’s a bit of a scary feeling. I really appreciate the prayer, Kate- I’ll be praying for you and Terry as you make your big move.


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