Hometown Week.

Hey lovelies,

I’m spending this week in my hometown of Canberra to catch a break. I love/hate staying with my parents; mostly love, but it comes with its little sticky bits. Anyway.

It is freezing. Like, it snowed yesterday. It never snows.

Awesome, except I am definitely allergic to the cold. It has meant, though, that my carbohydrate intake is through the roof, which is fab.

No snow today, just frosty crispness
No snow today!

Thankfully while I’m down here, my mother booked me some Pilates classes so I can get my practice hours up. It’s a little physiotherapy studio that also hosts classes, so I did a couple the other night with a lovely instructor!


I’ve also gotten in a couple of gym classes already; a Grit Strength (HIIT weight-based workout) and a core class. Both fun. Both deserving of a smoothie from Thrive afterwards (my favourite ‘clean eating’ kind of fast food place).


This one was delicious, the most amazingly delicious smoothie I think I have ever ever had. I realise this is a big call but I’m standing by my conviction. Cashews, vanilla protein powder, dates, banana, I don’t remember what else.

Normally I’m the girl who will insist on drinking hot coffees and teas all throughout the heat of summer, but this time I was the girl who insisted on drinking ice cold smoothies in the frost of winter. And it was so worth it.
Very unfortunately, the hand holding my smoothie froze completely during the walk back to my car and had to be amputated, but I have no regrets.

I’ve also had lovely catch ups with friends over dinners and coffee, and a couple days ago one very dear friend Ophelia took work off so we could hang out! We went to a place called Ricardo’s for lunch with her mother and I tried the lamb shakshuka. So did Ophelia. We devoured our meals.
Then we all shared a dessert called “The Cookie Monster”, which was a macaroon sandwiching chocolate ganache and oreo-flavoured blue chocolate mousse. Looks questionable but was DELICIOUS and also left us all with charmingly blue mouths and teeth.

The Cookie Monster
The Cookie Monster

Ophelia made the. most. DELICIOUS. bolognese I have ever tasted! And was kind enough to share the recipe with me… One which I test-ran on my family the very next night!! It ain’t my recipe to share but let me tell you, it’s worth hunting the perfect bolognese recipe down.

This was my first test run... finished very quickly by my family
This was my first test run… finished very quickly by my family!

It was a hit! I made another batch the day after the first, for tweaking purposes, and so my family would have more to eat once I’d left for Sydney 🙂

Had a cafe date with the one and only Catherine, my hero of a mother, in my favourite cafe of all time. It’s a place called Tilley’s with a 1920s vibe. Perfect to sit, chat, write, eat cake, or people watch.


Lots of lovely times had with my mum, dad and brother Chris (who just got back from a trip to Thailand!). We went out to dinner, had chats over cups of tea and coffee, went for walks, ate ice cream, shopped, and watched Parks and Recreation. I know I’ve said this before, but I just love Amy Poehler. She is killer.


It’s been nice, really nice. My heart has rested a little bit. Canberra is peaceful and beautiful and spacious. I feel safe here, and it’s always scary launching myself back into Sydney where everything is so unknown and unpredictable and loud and hectic and busy. But I know the best way is forwards, and right now Sydney is my ‘forwards’.

I just feel like I’d really like not to have to cope for a little while. But there isn’t always space for that.

Honestly though, I think what I’m lacking is trust- daily renewing my trust that Jesus has a hope and a future for me. Because it’s true; I know it in my heart of hearts, but I get so easily caught up in what I can see. It’s so easy, right? To think only you and pure chance are controlling your future? That maybe there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, just hard work and possibly disappointment?
But Jesus promises otherwise. I love that.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

Have a beautiful week precious people,

Liz xx


  1. This sounds like such a sweet homecoming! I love going home and seeing my family (though your town sounds a lot cooler than mine!)
    The cookie monster is adorable- pretty food is always fun 😀

  2. Hi Liz! My name is yan and i live in canberra!!! I was so psyched to stumble across your blog (through a comment you posted on Love Me, Feed Me actually) and even more psyched that you’re not only an Australian blogger, but from canberra too!! I suffered from anorexia, depression/anxiety/OCD for a good 10 years of my early adulthood and whilst I am “physically recovered” and blessed with an understanding husband, 1.5 year old toddler and another on the way; I have been in struggle town with my mental & emotional health. I am so glad to have stumbled across your blog as can resonate with plenty that you have written! Looking forward to reading through your archives like a weird stalker now 😛X Yan

    1. Yan, it’s so lovely to hear from you!! Thank you for your comment 🙂 I’M so happy that I’ve found someone in this corner of the blog-o-sphere who’s in Canberra! It sounds like you’ve overcome a huge amount in your life. There is so much healing and work to be done after we’ve ‘recovered’ isn’t there. I hope to hear more from you- take care Yan 🙂 <3


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