Chips, Pilates and Stupidly Expensive Juice


Hey lovelies,

I hope your week has been extra kind to you! It’s a funny, uncertain, busy time of year.

Thanks to Amanda for hosting the Thinking Out Loud Thursday link-up!


Kicking off, it’s just one of those awkward days in which I crave all the stuff which I usually don’t. I’m learning to be ok with this. If I don’t honour those cravings, I will be obsessing over food the entire day, trying to fill a void with other stuff that just isn’t what my body/soul wants.

So here I am, having exercised absolutely minimally today (yeah, I am counting taking the rubbish bags down the stairs- AND BACK- to the communal trash as exercise). I attempted to be healthy-but-indulgent at lunch and so made a coconut flour mug cake, polished half of it off, decided that it needed more chocolate, so melted some chocolate and caramel over the top to finish, then decided to finish a bag of relatively stale soy-sauce-and-honey chips. And they tasted amaaaaazing.


Honestly guys, I am winning at #health today.
I’ve awakened a roaring chip monster these past couple weeks. It started off with corn chips. Nacho cheese flavour is like crack, not that I would know what crack is like. And it just spiraled from there. Spiraled UPWARDS! Amirite??

Keeping the chippy puns flowing
I hope you like chip puns as much as I do

I can’t get me enough crispy, crackly, crunchy crisps right now. It makes me feel good on two levels: one, because there’s something in them that I crave- maybe the sodium?- and two; I have avoided this food out of fear for years. But now I seem to have arrived at a stage in which the enjoyment outweighs the anxiety. Which is a relief, to be honest.



I am pretty tired. I completed my second Pilates intensive over the previous 4 days. This involved going to the studio and doing anatomy/practical work/Pilates theory for around 8 hours per day. I’m loving it! Not only is the work fascinating, the girls I’m doing it with are just such good quality human beings. I feel so blessed.


Nat, myself and Kate
Nat, myself and Kate

We have similar interests and together we have fostered a really supportive environment (which, according to our teacher, isn’t always the case). Every day we lunched at an incredible whole foods café called The Farm.


Pesto zoodles, baby.
Pesto zoodles, baby! With almonds, avo, peas and fresh mint.

I’ve learned so much amazing information and I hope that I can integrate some aspects of it into this blog one day soon. The mind is an incredible healer of the body. I can’t wait until the next intensive! Until then I have a lot of observation/teaching/personal hours to complete, books to study and assessments to write.

The beautiful Leeon Studio Pilates


Today is a rare rest day, and I’m gritting my teeth trying to relax. I really didn’t want to go outside today, but it just got too beautiful out there (look, I’m not complaining, I’m just saying) so I went for a walk down to the beach. I stood there for a while with the wind in my hair, willing myself to be the normal type of human who gets lost in their own thoughts and the beauty of nature when they stare out at the majestic ocean. After about 2 minutes (a stretch for me), all I was thinking about was a) making my next snack, and b) watching Bloodline on Netflix to find out who killed the Hispanic refugees, so I headed back inside like the delicious, squishy marshmallow-coloured woman that I am.
My housemates Kelsea, Lydia and I chatted and watched Daredevil. It was lovely to have them around.

Last week, I found myself in Manly alone, waiting to catch up with a delightful friend. I became a little bored, and I now realise this should never happen to me in Manly.




I need to be supervised around all of the cafes. In one fell swoop, I descended upon a juice stall and spent $16 on 2 juices. Where on earth do I think my financial status stands? I am such a sucker for advertising, but let me tell you, I felt pretty darn immortal after I got them into me. One was a green juice, and it tasted like a tropical rainforest/a green meadow under the golden sun.


The other was a ‘shot’, which felt really more like detonating a bomb inside of my mouth…

Cayenne pepper, lemon juice, ginger, aged garlic extract, oil of oregano, echinacea, and horseradish
Cayenne pepper, lemon juice, ginger, aged garlic extract, oil of oregano, echinacea, and horseradish

TOMORROW, I’m moving all the rest of my stuff out of the apartment and cleaning the entire kitchen; Lord help me. We haven’t even opened the broken dishwasher for a year and I’m afraid of what might jump out at me.

This is my FAVOURITE chip pun
This is my FAVOURITE chip-related pun


I don’t entirely know what this blog post is about. Thank God for Thinking Out Loud Thursdays. I want another snack. And I still haven’t found out who killed the Hispanic refugees.



Do you have a specific favourite food that you denied yourself for a long time in the ED and during recovery? 
Are you known to spend a fabulous/silly amount of money on ‘whole foods’ or fancy juices and smoothies? (Because you’re totally worth it, and I want to know I’m not alone in this). 

What is the strangest flavour of chips you’ve ever seen or tried? 

The invention of this flavour may well be a prime marker of a serious underlying mental health issue.



  1. My ED foods that I’ve gotten back into are a few things! Full-cream milk is now A Thing, and I drink massive amounts of it! Cereal as well – it became a ‘bad food’ for a long time, but now I eat it happily. Cakes and biscuits I’m still working on, but I’m hoping that comes eventually! I also love ice cream, but am slowly working my way back to full-fat ice cream! I have gotten back into the Magnums – seriously, what is life without a Magnum?

    Re exorbitant spending on food: Chocolate. I spend WAY too much money on chocolate. BUT, in my defence, it’s good chocolate! Cadbury’s won’t do it (unless it’s a new flavour, like that Oreo-filled one that’s just come out, and even then I still think it’s too sweet and sickly). Has to be expensive and tell me the cocoa content on the label. Totally worth it. Except Lindt, Lindt doesn’t need those labels, it’s just awesome.

    1. FC milk = SO good!
      Cereal! I have been wanting to try it again for a while- what’s your favourite? And I don’t even have any words to describe magnums.
      Haha you’re right, Lindt doesn’t need to explain itself to anyone. 🙂

  2. Mmmmmm chips!!! I basically snack 24/7 so I LOVE LOVE LOVE chips. Especially Doritos!

    My favorite food I’ve recently re-discovered in recovery is definitely ranch pretzel bites. I ate a whole family size bag in one night the other day oops :p

    Love your blog missy and so glad I found it!!

    1. Doritos- years ago, I was known to eat my way through 2 family-sized bags. SO GOOD.
      Ranch pretzel bites sound magical- sometimes I wish I lived in the US! Your snacks are fabulous!
      Likewise for your blog, Amanda 🙂

  3. Hehe I’m a sucker for advertising too especially if it’s tasty, local, delicious looking food. I love trying all the foods God has made. That shot looks pretty intense. ;-D

  4. I’m not so much a juice/smoothie girl but I will spend ridiculous bits of money – that I do not have – on americanos/coffees, lattes and bottles of kombucha when I don’t have my own. Seriously, I can’t get myself to spend $10 on a shirt that could be of use for years, yet I will spend $6 on a cup of hot milk. What is my problemmmm.
    As for food – currently I’m in a “eat pizza every day” mentality. Its keeping me pretty happy.

    1. Ooh boy, don’t even get me started on coffee! Kombucha is fantastic, and I have no idea how/am too disorganised to make it, so yup, it’s another expensive liquid. But for me, all these things improve quality of life, so when someone tells me, ‘if you add up all the coffees you buy in a year it’s thousands’ or whatever, I honestly don’t care. It makes my day so much better. I choose to live that way, no regrets haha!
      Pizza is definitely in my top 3.


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